All Pony Radio

All Pony Radio app gives you access to all of Ponyville Lives' radio stations, playing some of the best brony & My Little Pony Friendship is Magic music, and pumped straight to your ears!

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All Pony Radio is a third-party Android app for accessing the Ponyville Live! radio streams.

It gives you access to all of Ponyville Live!'s radio stations, playing some of the best brony music, and pumped straight to your ears!
App Features

The app features a clean layout designed for most Android phone screen sizes.

It also features a large selection of stations with a large logo displayed for the selected station.

The app is desiged to load fast so you can get to your music faster!
Stations Include:
  • Celestia Radio
  • Fillydelphia Radio
  • PonyvilleFM
  • Alicorn Radio
  • Sonic Radioboom
  • Bronydom Radio
  • Everypony Radio
  • Wonderbolt Radio
  • Best Pony Radio
  • ...And many others!
This is the menu button! From here, you can access the main menu, settings, a list of all stations you can listen to, among many other options!
One of our simplest buttons, just press here to play the station in question! It'll change to a pause button if music is already playing, so you can stop listening. Why would you want to, though?
Our request button! It works with most of our radio stations. Simply press it and you can request a song on the station you are listening to! Again, not all stations have request functionality.
Tap this icon to gather all information about the station you're listening to at that very moment! Included is the song title, artist, previous songs and artists, the genre, station name, and number of listeners!
Our newly added share button quickly posts to your favorite social media sites the artist, track, and station you're listening to!
Click any of the buttons above for more info!
Additional Information
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All the screenshots here, are licensed to the creator of the software, and the stations shown within them.

If at ANY point in time, the respective owners of the stations wish for their stations to be removed, they must contact the creator of the software.

The creator can be contacted at celestial_doom(at)derpymail(dot)org.

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Mane Frame Radio

The Mane Frame Radio app is a specialized app designed for listening to Mane Frame Radio.

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Mane Frame Radio is an independent pony broadcasting station dedicated to serving their listeners with only the best pony music around. Plug yourself into the Mane Frame!
  • Displays the current artist, song, album, and listeners!
  • A cohesive design that matches the design of the Mane Frame Radio website!
  • A simple app - No bloat to worry about!
  • Advanced information and statistics for the listeners who want to be just that much more informed!

Radio Pandemonium (Working Title)
MLP:FiM Episode Guide
A large project that will be reliant on an online music database. Designed to be a future music streaming app with access to all songs on the database. Will be a similar app to APRA, but different enough.
Using a database of episodes, main characters, and images, this will be a guide dedicated to searching through all episodes for specific characters, searching through screenshots of the episodes, synopses, and more.
FiMFiction API (Unofficial)
Project FiM
A project utilizing the current API. Still a work in progress, but has a watch list added for ease of access. Our skunk works project. An audio streamer, but besides that, top secret!
Black Apple Research Facility (or Black Apple for short) is a software development studio specializing in the design, production, and release of Android apps dedicated to streaming audio or using APIs.
Apra is the second in command and holds the whole organization together. Whilst foiling Black Apple in his attempts at world domination, she also does most of the work. She has just started to practice archery, though she's willing to fire at an apple on Black Apple's head! She's also had a makeover: get ready for the new release of her app!
Black Apple is the main guy around here that works his hoofs to the bone to try to bring new and interesting ideas to the facility. Helped (at times) by Apra, he's usually mooching around in the basement and threatening small rodents.
Celestial Doom is our resident grump, and the source of all of our problems (we can't get rid of him, he owns the land)! When he's not moping around and trying to make us all feel sorry for him, he's usually busy designing the graphics for the various apps and web sites. And drinking vast quantities of coffee and bourbon, sometimes, drunk separately!
Derpra is Apra's little sister, and is happy to help around the facility by fixing the plumbing and baking some really nice pies. Not as well versed in programming as her sister, but is willing to try anything once!
Little Equie is Apra's foal, which surprised everyone! She plays, quite happily, in Black Apple's office, and occasionally re-programs his computer. Apart from that, she just gets in the way.

But, we love her. (YOU'D BETTER! SHE'S MY DAUGHTER! - Apra)